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pdf Case Study - Open Innovation.Business Model Development_by Spacek and Ferreira Popular


Case Study elaborated by

Miroslav Špaček, Faculty of Business Administration, Economic University in Prague, Czech Republic and

João José Pinto Ferreira, Faculty of Engineering University of Porto / INESC TEC, Portugal.

The goal of this study is:

  • to practice entrepreneurial thinking to be combined with open innovation approach;
  • to set up a platform to be suitable for external subjects involvement;
  • familiarizing with possible approaches to sharing know-how with external subjects;
  • learning how to make Open innovation viable through sustainable improvement;
  • to set an example how open innovation may contribute to customer satisfaction, creation of competitive advantage and shareholders‘ value;

Time to get Study resolved:

  • 1, 5 hrs.

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Course materials tought by Marcin Baron, Zagreb, University of Economics in Katowice, Faculty of Economics, Department of Strategicand Regional Studies.

  • First steps into TRIZ
  • New innovative ideas: Go / No Go analysis