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by Henry W. Chesbrough, Wim Vanhaverbeke, Joel West (editors)

This book - which will be published October 2014 by OUP - seeks both to integrate a decade of prior research on open innovation and to engage the academic community in fostering new research. It offers a comprehensive overview of what we think will be the most important, most promising and most relevant research topics in the coming decade.

The titles of the 14 chapters included in the zip file:

  1. Explicating Open Innovation: Clarifying an Emerging Paradigm for Understanding Innovation
  2. Firms, Users, and Innovation:An Interactive Model of Coupled Open Innovation
  3. A classification of open innovation and open business models
  4. Challenges of Funding Open Innovation Platforms : Lessons from Symbian Ltd
  5. Open Innovation and Industrial Dynamics - Towards a Framework of Business Convergence
  6. Exploring Open Innovation at the Level of R&D Projects
  7. Exploring Open Innovation in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  8. Open Innovation in Multinational Corporations: New Insights from the Global R&D Research Stream
  9. Open Social Innovation
  10. Open Innovation and Intellectual Property: A Two-Sided Market Perspective
  11. Managing inside-out open innovation: the case of complex ventures
  12. Patterns of Implementation of OI in MNCs
  13. Getting help frominnomediaries-What can innovators do to increase value in external knowledge searches?
  14. Theories of the firm and Open Innovation

Descriptions of the chapters is available at:
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Competence Management for Open Innovation (Full Book - restricted licence and locked)

Please respect the licence: if you want to use it for professional purposes, you must request prior authorisation from the author (Joachim Hafkesbrink) and/or acquire a commercial version.

Medium and small sized enterprises are increasingly reliant on innovation to be successful. A new paradigm to exploit joint forces for creating innovative products and services is Open Innovation, in which companies open specific phases of their innovation process to collaboration with others in order to profit from novel ideas, or alternative external paths to market. Especially in the field of the digital economy, which is highly innovation-driven, successful examples of value-creating open partnerships can be found: customers, researchers or partners join the innovation process, and thus may complement a necessary competency portfolio that a single company may be unable to provide.
Managing and facilitating Open Innovation processes does, however, require appropriate competencies and experiences. In that regard, support in terms of infrastructure and analytical frameworks can be very helpful and even necessary.

This book includes theories, tools and support mechanisms that were presented at the International Symposium on Support for Open Innovation processes.
Researchers and practitioners active in the field of Open Innovation describe their experiences and ideas in this area.
The first part of the book elucidates several approaches to support the management of Open Innovation processes.
Special attention is given to the topics of competence development and management, awareness and the reputation of Open Innovation community members, and the implementation of the Open Innovation paradigm in enterprises. Furthermore, social software based services to foster and facilitate the Open Innovation process are proposed.
The second part of the book focuses on case studies in Open Innovation conducted within SMEs in the digital economy sector.
Three case studies - on Web 2.0 learning, Open Source Innovation and Virtual Worlds platforms - are introduced and analysed with theoretical frameworks that are described in the first part of the book.

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The Art of Managing Innovation Problems and Opportunities

Authors:Katarina Košmrlj, Klemen Širok,Borut Likar, University of Primorska, Slovenia


This Book is intended for both those who wish to include elements of innovation in their academic work processes as well as people who wish to use it in praxis and who would like to structure and improve their existing processes of innovation. It focuses primarily on the management of the pre-invention phase or so-called fuzzy front end of innovation, i.e. the identification of problems and innovation opportunities. The Book brings together a selection of some well and less known methods, together with a number of newly deliberated techniques and complex web supported approaches. It should be noted that some of the methods are original.

Not only in the Slovenian area, but also in the wider international scientific community the pre-invention phase proves to be somewhat neglected. Accordingly, this Book should serve as an original approach aimed at systemising the fuzziness of the front end of innovation. It is a useful accompanying tool in the realisation of processes facilitated by curiosity, imagination and the desire to succeed.


English,   Italian, Slovenian version of the Book

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.1604.2086