Created On Tuesday, 17 March 2015 11:37 By Monika Petraite
Networks of Inter-organizational Knowledge Development within the Open Innovation
The case focuses on the inter-organisational knowledge development networks for open innovation. The key questions are focused on the revealing the role of inter-organisational network in the open innovation development, the rationales for inclusion of various actors into the knowledge development networks, and contribution of knowledge for innovation by various organisations. Two different knowledge development networks, representing a closed and open inter-organisational network for open innovation approach are analysed.
The research method applied is a case study approach, which is best suited to the objectives of our study: constructing theoretical approaches and revealing still relatively unknown aspects of the relationships being studied. The inter-organisational knowledge development networks chosen for analysis come from the high technology industry (optics and medical devices, NACE 33). Both networks are facilitated by globally born SME‘s (Vittamed, and Ekspla) originating from Lithuania, a small catching up country.;
why_organisation, what_practices
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networks, open innovation, knowledge development, R&D intensive firm