Created On Tuesday, 17 March 2015 10:30 By Joachim Hafkesbrink
Controlled Opening in pro-active SME Innovation - A Case Study on an ‘Open Innovation Audit’ in the Digital Economy
In this paper, we will present results from an Open Innovation Audit case study in the mobile business solution area conducted within the framework of KOPIWA – a pre-competitive joint research project on “Competences Monitoring for Open Innovation in the Digital Economy” in Germany. The Open Innovation ‘Quick Check’ Audit Tool was developed to measure organizational antecedents and competences towards more innovation openness in SMEs of the Digital Economy.
The results indicate that even a quick-check audit may give reasonable insights into organizational requirements of Open Innovation. By substantiating organizational competences via more tangible indicators the audit provides discussion points for the innovation actors to find set-screws in the sense of parameters to improve the innovation process.
single case study
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Open Innovation; Open Source Innovation; Open Content Innovation; Outside-in Management; Inside-Out Management; Organizational Competences; Individual Competences; New Business Development