Created On Tuesday, 17 March 2015 10:28 By Joachim Hafkesbrink
Contextual Ambidexterity and Individual Competencies for Exploration and Exploitation in Small and Medium sized Enterprises
This paper describes a new ambidexterity model to balance exploration and exploitation activities in SMEs, and the empirical results of applying this model in the German Publishing and New Media Industry. Due to an enduring discontinuous change in the firm’s environment, this sector is under enormous pressure to pursue innovation processes with the aim to develop new online products and services. This paper is organized as follows: first we will describe the new ambidexterity model that embraces the role of organizational antecedents and individual competencies for the firms' overall exploration and exploitation performance. Then, we will describe the state-of-the-art research on the moderating role of organizational antecedents for exploration and exploitation performance. Next, we will reflect on individual compe-tencies for exploration and exploitation, which prove to be an almost entirely new field of research. After describing the research setting, we will focus on the dedicated hypotheses for organizational antecedents and individual competencies driving ex-ploration and exploitation. Finally, after presenting the related empirical results, we will outline our initial conclusions and the limitations of the research presented in this paper.
multiple case study
why_organisation, what_practices, how_implemented, what_effects
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Contextual Ambidexterity; Open Innovation, Individual Competences; Organizational Competences, Small and medium Sized Enterprises