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Open Innovation Instruments at Deutsche Telekom
The case presented is based on the study of Rohrbeck, Hölze, and Gemünen (2009) on how Deutsche Telecom has opened up its innovation instruments. The presentation briefly illustrates how Deutsche Telekom as a large multinational operating in a highly volatile industry embraces open innovation instruments to form an 'open innovation ecosystem'. It identifies 11 open innovation instruments that are used to create company-specific innovations. The instruments used by Deutsche Telekom are mapped along the stages of the innovation process and the intensity (budget, time, resources) with which they are pursued. Some concluding remarks are made, as well as relevant discussion points highlighted.

Rohrbeck, R., Hölzle K. and H.G. Gemünden (2009): Opening up for competitive advantage - How Deutsche Telekom creates an open innovation ecosystem, R&D Management, Vol.39, S. 420-430.
The case is based on a single case study. Using exploratory interviews with 10 respondents from Deutsche Telekom, as well as 5 respondents from companies in the partner network for further triangulation of the data. Respondents were encouraged to describe the different open innovation activities thoroughly. The unguided descriptions given by respondents were then often followed up by closed questions for further validation of the given information. The transcripts were coded to support the analysis of the different open innovation instruments, which were subsequently categorized among two dimensions.
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Open innovation, collaborative innovation, Deutsche Telekom