• Case title
    Absorptive capacity and innovative performance in an open innovation network: A case study of Symbian going open
  • Description
    Open innovation activities in Symbian Foundation
  • Abstract on the method
    The project aimed to undertake explanatory research to analyse the motivating factors for a platform to be open-sourced. Secondly, the project aimed to use existing conceptual frameworks relating to the effect of ACAP on innovative performance to develop and test the following hypothesis: The innovative performance of the open platform is positively moderated by four key drivers of ACAP: (1) Organisational structure and processes; (2) Firm members’ mental models; (3) Incentives and compensation practices; and (4) Power relationships. The research explored these aspects of an open industry platform through a case study of Symbian Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation governing and supporting the Symbian mobile platform and Nokia, a major contributing member company to the Symbian platform.
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  • OI considered
  • Key question
    why_organisation, what_practices, how_implemented, what_effects
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  • Teaching level
    bachelor, master, phd
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  • Keywords
    Absorptive capacity,open platforms, innovative performance, organizational structure