• Case title
    A Case study of Natura Campus OI platform - A collaborative systems overview
  • Description
    A presentation of the relation between open innovation and collaborative systems in Natura case
  • Abstract on the method
    Innovation is receiving considerable attention since companies are facing difficulties to create new products and interact with customers under markets that constantly changes. In the face of such scenario the open innovation seems to be an effective strategy to keep enterprises aware of customer needs and also interact with universities which are able to understand the tendencies and holds deep knowledge of innovative subjects. Although open innovation has a rich literature regarding the benefits and cases of success this literature does not focus on how collaboration systems are used to support open innovation. In this article we present the important relation that exists between open innovation and collaborative systems with a case study of Natura Campus program. We evaluated tools which compose the collaboration platform and how it supports Natura Campus Open Innovation. We found that CSCW tools are capable of support open innovation and help to bring effective results in order to enhance competitiveness.
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  • OI considered
  • Key question
    why_organisation, what_practices, how_implemented, what_effects
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    bachelor, master, phd
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  • Keywords
    Open innovation, collaboration systems, new products