• Case title
    How and why do companies perform Open Innovation? -a comparative study of Norwegian SMEs and large companies
  • Description
    About open innovation activities in some Norwegian large companies and SMEs.
  • Abstract on the method
    This study aims to give a deeper understanding of how and why small and medium sized Norwegian enterprises perform Open Innovation compared to large Norwegian companies. The emphasis is on how the companies manage their innovation processes and the advantages firms can gain through this kind of innovation management.
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  • Case nature
  • OI considered
  • Key question
    why_organisation, what_practices, how_implemented, what_effects
  • Key industry
  • Teaching level
    bachelor, phd
  • Outcome
  • Keywords
    Open Innovation in large companies and SMEs, Open Innovation in Norway, Statoil, FINN.no, Rocketfarm,Vom og Hundemat, OI methods in large and small companies, Open Innovation strategy