• Case title
    Commercialising a disruptive technology based upon university IP through Open Innovation: A case study of Cambridge Display Technology
  • Description
    The use of a university (Cambridge) spin-out firm to bring a potentially disruptive technology to market.
  • Abstract on the method
    The focus for discussion is how a spin-out can build a technology ecosystem of providers of complementary resources to enable partner organizations to build competence in a novel and potentially disruptive technology. The paper uses the illustrative case of Cambridge Display Technology Ltd (CDT) to consider these issues from the perspective of the literature on open innovation (with particular emphasis on the role of partnerships between start-ups and established firms), the commercialization of university IP, and the commercialization of disruptive technologies.
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  • OI considered
  • Key question
    why_organisation, what_practices, how_implemented, what_effects
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  • Teaching level
    bachelor, master, phd
  • Outcome
  • Keywords
    LED, Cambridge, University spin-outs, open innovation, disruptive technologies, technology ecosystem