D5.3 - Piloting of the open innovation curricula in HE

D.5.3 - Piloting of the open innovation curricula in HE: at least 3 implementations of the CCF/ToR using OIP

3 pilot implementations of the Common Curricula Framework (CCF) are planned to test the CCF, the Terms of Reference (ToRs), the Pedagogical guidelines. Results of these pilots participate to the construction of all these elements after the first version of CCF and ToRs.

D5.4 - Pedagogical guidelines & guidance to HE Teachers and to HEI’s governance for OI HE

D.5.4 - Pedagogical guidelines & guidance to HE Teachers and to HEI's governance for OI HE

This deliverable report aims to provide pedagogical guidelines for higher education institutes, guidance for teachers on new curricula on OI and technical documentation on implementing OI curricula into HE process (guidance to governance).

D6.3 - OI-Net Outcome Mapping architecture

D.6.3 - OI-Net Outcome Mapping architecture: in 2 parts (public and restricted)

The OI-Net outcome mapping architecture defines the outcome mapping elements in relation to OI, to the Knowledge Triangle and Quadruple Helix challenges. It also aims at providing a generic framework to help OI-Net community members map their boundary partners and the corresponding progress markers to implement OI-Net outcomes in their own enivronment/context and share back to the OI-Net community.