D1.4 - Intranet and web conferencing

D.1.4 - Intranet and web conferencing facilities

A website (wide dissemination) + a wiki platform (Community of Practice support) + a secure intranet (partners, e.g. Partner repository) has been set up to organize communication and enhance the official communication and awareness inside & outside the consortium.

Supplementary tools are being implemented when requested:
e.g. webconferencing (using Lync/Skype for Business/Skype or Go-To-Meeting);
Social media tools (embedded on the OI-Net website - e.g. http://oi-net.com/m-oinet-network,   (Twitter); http://oi-net.com/m-oinet-network/m-news/m-newsletter);

D2.1 - Survey on Industrial Needs for Open innovation education in Europe

D.2.1 - Survey on Industrial Needs for Open innovation education in Europe

To enable teaching open innovation on the basis of actual industry needs, a collection and categorization of innovation management needs of the key European industries are gathered and collated with segmentation based on country, industry and sector of operation. The need identification and collection process is developed and described as part of this deliverable D2.1.