DK - The University of Southern Denmark (P52)


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Syddansk Universitet (SDU), the University of Southern Denmark, consists of five faculties with more than 27,000 students and 4,000 employees distributed at 5 campuses. The Mads Clausen institute (MCI), located in Sønderborg, is a department at the Faculty of Engineering. MCI´s overall focus is to develop 21st century mechatronics, which spans the whole range from nano- and microtechnology over power electronics and nonlinear components to innovation, design and business issues. Its research and development as well as many educational activities are carried out in close relationship with companies and their cluster organisations in Southern Denmark and Northern Germany.


SDU OI-Net team:

Associate Professor Marcel Bogers

Professor Alexander Brem




LT - Kaunas University of Technology (P28)

KTU has decisively outlined its vision for becoming a strong entreprenrurial university, based on science and innovation, where the university studies are based on study and scientific research symbiosis, a university that seeks excellence in fundamental and applied research, where doctoral studies are based on international level research, a university which is a partner of industry, business, NGOs, and the society both in Lithuania and the EU, and which creates, promotes, and implements scientific achievements and innovations.An innovation is responsive to the needs of the national economy and the international research market and builds upon past success.