KTU has decisively outlined its vision for becoming a strong entreprenrurial university, based on science and innovation, where the university studies are based on study and scientific research symbiosis, a university that seeks excellence in fundamental and applied research, where doctoral studies are based on international level research, a university which is a partner of industry, business, NGOs, and the society both in Lithuania and the EU, and which creates, promotes, and implements scientific achievements and innovations.An innovation is responsive to the needs of the national economy and the international research market and builds upon past success.

The University seeks critical evaluation and innovations in its learning, teaching, research, management, and other activities. University is famous for its inventions, research labs in technology fields, its co-operation with industry ensures ½ of university research funds, which is an extraordinary high proportion Lithuania.

The faculty of Econimcs and Business  represents the integrated research community with 2 national research excellence centres in Innovation and Competitiveness, and research in Contemporary Economic and management models. The research on innovation, and especially open innovation is represented as an integrated research pool of competencies in social sciences, i.e. innovation management, policy, learning, sociology, which provides unique chance to analyse the complexity of the phenomenon. The faculty has been involved in several research projects on Innovation, including FP programmes, covering various aspects of innovation research, as well as the national programmes with the research focus on Innovation networks, innovation cultures at the individual, and organizational level, learning processes for innovation and change, as well as the interrelations of social dimensions and technology based innovations.


OI-Net project team:

  1. Monika Petraite
  2. Agne Bakanove
  3. Aiste Vaisnore
  4. Brigita Janiunaite
  5. Egle Butkeviciene
  6. Giedrius Jucevicius