Universiteti Marin Barleti

Established  in 2005 as a private initiative the University has been a success story in the ever challenging attempt at raising the standards of a higher level of education within Albania, as well as in organizing national, regional and international activities.

UMB, has four Faculties. The Faculty of Economics and Finances, the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty Applied Sciences . 

The activty of the university is focused on key strategic priorities: education & research in business and entrepreneurship, management, information technologies, marketing, governance and communication, public administration, social psychology;       

Faculty of Applied Sciences is focused on education and research on :

  • OI ICT, new media, tourism management, professional training;  
  • OI Sustainable Local & Regional Governance;
  • OI Business and Entrepreneurship;
  • OI Education, testing  and EU certification ;    

OI-Net project team:

  1. Dr. Reis  MULITA   / Project Manager  
  2. Dr. Arbana         KADRIU / Member
  3. Dr. Gazmend     ZENELI/ Member
  4. MSc. Jonida      TARAJ/ Member
  5. MSc. Miranda       BERDO / Member. Financial Issues