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Innovation Center is a research group at the University of West Hungary in Sopron. The team is managing more research projects in the field of energy efficiency of green technologies and wood houses, and other technical innovations connected with forest and wood technology research. The Innovation Center group commits oneself to develop sustainable technologies and materials and reducing the emitted CO2 by means of eco innovation for keeping up the livable environment.

Main research activities:

  • improvement of energy efficiency of residential buildings
  • developing new insulation materials and energy saving technologies
  • photoanalitical measurements
  • innovation in research education and public
  • eco-innovation
  • development of instruments for factory measurement
  • developing environment friendly materials and technologies


Our institution consists of 10 researchers and coworkers. Three of them have a PhD, and one of them is a professor. In the team are five people in the process to receive in the near future a scientific degree (PhD).


OI-Net project team:

  1. Zoltán Pásztory
  2. Marta Galne Kapas
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