Linköping University (LiU) was establish in 1975 and currently has aprox. 27.000 students, 3900 employees and is distributed in four faculties: Arts and science, educational science, health science and institute of technology and  Management and Engineering department (business administration division).

Specifically, LiU's  research team conducts research about innovation intermediaries, knowledge integration, innovation speed and open innovation in emerging markets. Other research projects that the LiU's team is currently conducting include: 1) Knowledge Integration in Open Innovation (2014 – 2016); 2) Research and Innovation in Multinationals The case of Sweden and Brazil(2013 – 2016).

Team members:
Fredrik Tell, Ph.D., Professor in Management and Director of the KITE Research Group
His research interest include knowledge integration in collaborative R&D projects, management of project-based firms, intellectual property rights strategies, open innovation, internationalization of R&D to emerging markets, and industrial dynamics in complex product industries

Henry Lopez-Vega, Ph.D., Post-doctoral reseacher
His research includes open innovation, innovation in emerging markets, knowledge integration, NPD, innovation strategy.
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More info:

OI-Net project team:

  1. Henry Lopez-Vega
  2. David T. Rosell
  3. Fredrik Tell