Haute Ecole de Gestion de Genève, 

Geneva School of Business Administration, 
University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland

Member of the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, which is Switzerland’s largest university in terms of students (84’000 in 2012), the Geneva School of Business Administration offers a university-level education strongly focused on applied and practical skills, delivering a Bachelor degree recognized throughout Europe (Bologne treaty).

The Geneva School of Business Administration is the largest business school in Western Switzerland (approx. 1.000 students per year).

We offer 4 Bachelor Programs…

  • Business administration
  • Information Systems
  • Information Science
  • International Business Management(EN)

…as well as 3 Master’s program and one EMBA along with many Diplomas and Certificates of advance studies.


Thanks to the partnership system put into place with companies, administrations and organizations, we offer to our students an extraordinary and useful network. Our flexibility is also reflected through mobility and international exchange of students and teachers.

A philosophy of innovation, excellence, ethics and sustainable management. 




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