Transilvania University of Braşov is an accredited higher-education public institution that acquired its current name in 1991. Its history began in 1948, when the Forestry Institute was set up at Brasov. Since then, the university has continuously developed, currently being the largest and the best reputed higher education institution in the region, consisting of 18 faculties, about 20,000 students and 800 academic staff members. The faculties offer academic degree programmes in a wide range of fields at bachelor, master and doctoral level, develop research and provide lifelong learning programmes based on the societal request.

The vision of Transilvania University of Brasov focuses on Excellence, Competitiveness and Social Responsibility, as a research and teaching university of reference, with a leading role in promoting Sustainable Development, fully integrated into the European Higher Education and Research Areas, for the benefit of the national and international community.

The associated values are: transparency, performance, team spirit, equity, acknowledgment of merits, ethics, openness towards the community.

The mission of Transilvania University of Brasov is that ofproducing and transferring knowledge to society by: (1) Advanced scientific research, development, innovation and technical transfer in the field of sustainable development, (2) Initial training in tertiary education by means of undergraduate and graduate programmes (MA and PhD), (3) Post-graduate programmes, (4) Development of the university-societyinterface in terms of common structures and partnerships adapted to a knowledge based society.


Activities related to open innovation (education):
  • Disciplines on Innovation Management/ Open Innovation included in curricula at Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration
  • Development of the RTD University Institute (2007-2013) – European Structural Funds
  • Development of the Technological & Business Incubator (2007) – INFRATECH Project
  • Consultancy in intellectual property – Department of Intellectual Property
  • Some of the European projects:
    • University – Enterprise Cooperation (EUI-Net, 2004-2007; EUE-Net, 2007-2010),
    • Quality of student transnational placements (Q-PlaNet, 2008-2010;
    • Transnational partnership U-E for student placements, 2010-2013);
    • Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs  (LEARN-DO, 2013-2014).
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OI-Net project team:

  1. Simona Lache
  2. Carmen Buzea
  3. Eugen Valentin Butila
  4. Laura David