EFMD - The Management Development Network: 
  • An international membership organisation, based in Brussels, Belgium.
  • Over 800 member organizations from academia, business, public service and consultancy in 81 countries.
  • A unique forum for information, research, networking and debate on innovation and best practice inmanagement development.
  • Recognized globally as an accreditation body of quality in management education with established accreditation services for business schools and business school programmes, corporate universities and technology-enhanced learning programmes.


Acting as a catalyst to promote and enhance excellence in management development internationally, EFMD:
  • COORDINATES projects & activities that foster an active dialogue and exchange between companies and academic institutions
  • DISSEMINATES knowledge throughout the network for the benefit of its members that allows for a better understanding and insight into the latest developments in management development
  • GENERATES new ideas for a continual enhancement of management thinking and practices
  • INITIATES customised events on highly topical issues bringing business executives and distinguished academics together
  • MAINTAINS a series of on-going activities that foster learning, sharing and networking among its members and helps contribute to a better understanding of the continual changes in the business and management education environments
  • MANAGES international projects in Asia, CIS, the Americas and the Arab World and has strong relationships with sister associations in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Central America, United States, Canada & Australasia
  • PROVIDES an enabling context and environment that leads to professional networking and bridges the divide between the academic & business world
  • RUNS the EQUIS, EPAS, CLIP & CELand EDAF development programme which all aim to raise the standards of management education around the world.

Interested in what happens in the management education sphere? Please follow this link: www.efmd.org/index.php/blog

Interested in the EU projects we manage or we contribute to? Please follow this link: www.efmd.org/index.php/eucooperation-main/current-projects

OI-Net project team:  

  1. Christophe Terrasse
  2. Boriana Marinova
  3. Pavlina Blazkova
  4. Jean-Baptiste Maillard