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The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is an RTO (Research and Technology Organisation) active in the fields of materials, environment, and IT. It was created in January 2015 from the mutual desire of the public research centres Gabriel Lippmann and Henri Tudor, both key players in research and innovation in Luxembourg, to join forces and to focus their efforts on targeted research topics with the aim to facilitate companies’ access to public research and to enhance the international visibility of the Luxembourg research and so to so a fresh momentum to the research potential in the country.

LIST’s mission is to contribute to the development of Luxembourg economy and society by conducting interdisciplinary impact-driven research in targeted research areas.

LIST is working across the entire innovation chain:

•                         Fundamental and applied scientific research, knowledge and competences development,

•                         Experimental development, incubation and transfer of new technologies, competences, products, and services,

•                         Scientific policy support to the Luxembourg government, businesses and society in general,

•                         Doctoral and post-doctoral training, in partnership with universities.

The researchers have proven track records in research in the following fields: innovation economics, innovation management, intellectual property law, and business models. They have skills and experience of applying both quantitative and qualitative research methods in their respective domains. Despite aiming at high academic level in their research, they have gained experience on close collaboration with industry (mainly finance and services, and to a lesser extent manufacturing). They are also involved in training activities in the framework of Master’s, such as Master in Innovative Service Systems, or vocational trainings organized by LIST. Domestic and international collaboration has a high priority in the Unit and many of the researchers possess experience of teaching at various universities both in their native languages and in English. Over the years, they have gained experience of national, EU- and OECD-level research projects. 

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OI-Net project team:

  1. Anne-Laure Mention
  2. Andrey Martovoy
  3. Anna-Leena Asikainen
  4. Dimitrios Salampasis