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  •   Lopez Vega, H., Celadon, K. L., & Sbragia, R. (2016). Öppen innovation på tillväxtmarknader (P46 - Linköping University)


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  •         Final research report on Innovation - IGA2. OI-net project  included as one of topics., Špaček, M. et al. Final report of University Internal Grant Agency (available in Czech only) (P11 - University of Economics, Prague)
  •   Understanding of open innovation: theory and practice,In preparation for journals Research policy or Techninnovation (P30 - Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje)
  •   Innovation in healthcare as a unused potential of entrepreneurism, III International Entrepreneurial Conference "The crisis and innovation through the prism of entrepreneurship", Faculty of Economics University of Montenegro (PT1 - University of East Sarajevo)
  •    Lopez Vega, H, Determinants of reverse knowledge transfer in foreign subsidiaries, RAUSP — Management Journal (forthcoming) (P46 - Linköping University)