D.7.1 - Dissemination plan

OI-Net dissemination plan will be a formal document (on-line updated). A first version will be elaborated during the first month and presented to OI-Net members at the kick-off meeting and on-line.
Type: Report
Language: EN
Delivery date(s): Month 2 + ongoing update.
Access to: Public

The dissemination plan describes the:

  • Scope/ Purpose/Procedures/Quality definition within the project
  • Dissemination target groups and corresponding channels
  • Forms of dissemination (e.g. private meetings, publications of books, journals, newsletters, webpage etc)
  • Dissemination review, evaluation and improvement system
  • Responsibilities of the dissemination manager
  • Scope or partners' responsibilities and roles in disseminationDissemination timetables and milestones.

This deliverable also includes some management elements for content contributions in terms of knowledge, format and usage (including: multiple levels of presentation of a same information depending on expertise levels and on types of medias; from short news to long article; from paper to digital formats; from illustrative box/case to extended OI ECTS units).

Dissemination plan is a living document, allowing integration of feedback loops to improve the quality and reach for target audiences.

D71 OI-Net Dissemination plan