D.6.4 - OI-Net Outcome Mapping Reports and Dissemination elements (public and private parts)

The OI-Net outcome mapping report is produced on a regular basis and as needed based on the Outcome Mapping architecture (D6.3).

 The OI-Net Outcome Mapping Reports

  • List of stakeholders of the OI in the HE (on-going update)
  • Maps of the stakeholders and progress markers and their evolution: First a model on key categories of stakeholders and in priority applied on context of the Pilot OI courses to be implemented.
  • On an ad-hoc basis, elements translated from Outcome Mapping monitoring into elements for evidence building, for awareness rising, for dissemination/sustainability purposes, and for policy recommendation or support.in the field of Open innovation in Higher Education.


Type: Report, Other (web/dissemination and OIP elements).
Language: EN
OI-Net partners are free to translate it for the public part. 
The restricted part is for internal use and should not be translated. 
The other targeted languages are FR and DE or E. Partners will be encouraged to translate elements for the OIP, and which are the most appropriate for the target groups in their own country/sector.
Delivery date(s): Published:
    • 5 times: at each full partnership meeting, except kick-off
    • Elements for dissemination on the intranet and on the OIP.

Access to: Public, Restricted to other programme participants