D.5.3 - Piloting of the open innovation curricula in HE: at least 3 implementations of the CCF/ToR using OIP

3 pilot implementations of the Common Curricula Framework (CCF) are planned to test the CCF, the Terms of Reference (ToRs), the Pedagogical guidelines. Results of these pilots participate to the construction of all these elements after the first version of CCF and ToRs.

*** We planned to have at least 3 pilots within the duration of the project. We ended up with 13 pilots at different levels (Master, Bachelor, PhD, MBA) reaching nearly 400 students! Big thanks to all OI-Net partnering insitutions for making it happen!****
In addition over 30 lectures/seminars were held on OI by our partners reaching nearly 1 000 additional students!
Even more Open Innovation courses are planned to be lunched in upcoming year! We are excited and looking forward to seeing the results!
Type: Demontrator (training courses)
Language: EN
Delivery date(s): Starting month 19; finalised for most of the pilot cases end of year 3.
Access to: Restricted to other programmes.
In order to evaluate the CCF in practice, pilot implementations have been executed in various universities and at various educational levels (Bachelor level, Master level, PhD, executive training). The pilots have been used to test the CCF and supporting teaching materials in different contexts and provide feedback for further improvement, communication and sustainability reasons.
These pilots represent a key leverage for future deployment and exploitation and provide practical awareness and guidance on how to use, implement and extend/enhance the CCF and other OI-Net outcomes in the future.
The outcomes of the Pilots have been shared within the full OI-Net network and were used:
- to validate the European CCF on OI,
- to collect the feedback on the content and teacher skills required for delivering open innovation teaching,
- to support the transferability and appropriation process of the CCF

Reports from pilots only for OI-Net members http://oi-net.eu/m-oinet-network/m-oinet-project/m-repository/oi-net-community-library/oi-net-working-groups/wp5-consolidation-of-common-curricula-framework-for-oi-education-training-in-europe