D.4.2 - Analysis on the role and deployment of multi-disciplinary approach in OI and in HE

This deliverable consists of the analysis the content of the other disciplines deployed within Open innovation framework and provides recommendation for implication multi-disciplinary approach in OI and in HE.
Type: Report, Product, Other
Language: EN
Delivery date(s): Month 19
Access to: Public

The deliverables include:

  1. Manual for new courses on OI development, considering the multi-disciplinary approach in OI and in HE;
  2. Training material, illustrating open innovation curricula and multi-disciplinary approach.

The training manuals will provide open innovation curricula in respect to different course modules -whether it is an individual course or a full open innovation programme Master/bachelor programme. 

Click here to download the report : D4.2 Manual for New Courses on Open Innovation Development, Considering the Multi-disciplinary Approach in Open Innovation and Higher Education