D.4.1 - Compendium on existing curricula in Europe on Innovation, Open innovation and Global Innovation Management

The structured survey tool will be designed in order to collect information on innovation, OI and GIM curricula in the partners' universities and organizations in Europe. All partners involved in the OI-Net will contribute to the data collection, by filling in the questionnaire as well as by distributing it among other Higher Education Institutes in their countries.
Type: Report, Other
Language: EN
Delivery date(s): Month 10
Access to: Public

The survey covers:

  1. rationales for teaching OI;
  2. content of curricula on OI in HE;
  3. target groups of students and typology of education program.

The collected data will serve as a basis for analyzing the similarities and dissimilarities of teaching courses on OI, in order to make possible the further development of the curricula.

Deliverables include:

  1. Template for permanent data collection on open innovation curricula;
  2. Report of the survey results, comparing the curricula of OI in HE in Europe, grouping by certain selection criteria;
  3. Report on best practices on OI curricula in EU;
  4. Recommendations for development the curricula on OI in EU.

Furthermore, as one of the main assumptions of OI is the importance of co-creation and knowledge sharing, all partners in the OI-Net network will be able to upload their course modules and materials on OI via the online platform and contribute to the compendium. 

Click here to download the report: D4.1Compendium on OI curricula