D.3.5 - Report on requirements for establishing a Journal on Open Innovation

Building upon its international network, the project aims to establish a journal dedicated to Open innovation. Considering the growing number of publications referring to this concept and in order to ensure its success in a sustainable manner, Open innovation has to be recognized of a discipline per se and its identity should be clearly established.
Type: Service
Language: EN
Delivery date(s): Month 20
Access to: Public
  • The deliverable includes
    1. A report building a strong case for having a dedicated journal on OI, analysing the context, needs and requirements
    2. A provisional list of editorial board members and scientific panels;
    3.  Preliminary contact with potential publishers.
  • The report will be made available only to the consortium although ultimately, the journal to be set up will be made publicly accessible and will be available online. A synthesis of the report will also be made public to support the building the community of practice and involvement of a large OI base.

Please click here to download the report: D3.5 Report on Requirements of Establishing a journal and visit http://www.open-jim.org/