D.2.2 - Report on industry needs for open innovation education

Utilizing the user need identification and collection process and survey designed and published in D2.1 the partners of the academic network will target representative companies in targeted European key industries. By collating and categorizing the identified needs by country, industry and sector, WP2 provides an industry need report that will be the basis for subsequent WPs to develop the OI curriculum, segment-specific customizations and the collection of specific cases and practices of open innovation (WP3).

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Executive Summary: D2 Open Innovation in European Industries. Executive summary 2016

Type: Report 
  • Partners has carried out locally the collection of industry needs in their respective countries, following which the results has beencentrally collected to Lappeenranta University of Technology.
  • The results are published as a comprehensive report, along with summarizing and illustrative conclusions drawn that act as a direct input to developing recommendations in D2.3 as well as background directly applied in the subsequent WPs 3, 4 and 5. The results provides:
    1. Current state of open innovation adoption in the industry
    2. Perceived importance of open innovation for the industry currently and in the near future (10 year timespan)
    3. Current level of open innovation knowledge and skills with industry employees
    4. Lacking and required innovation management skills for open innovation employees
    5. Other industry needs for higher education in the open innovation framework
  • Not one, but several workshops have been organized (e.g. during ISPIM conference, 2014, 2015 and 2016: and  as well as OI-Net full partenrship meeting in Porto, June 2016; Academy of Management Conference, August 2016 and World Open Innovation Conference, 2016)  to present the results of the data collected.
  • Articles and communications derived from it has been published on the website, in the wiki platform and published as papers in conferences or publications.