Parallel workgroup meetings of the OI-Net project,
WP2 - WP3 and WP4

The European academic network for Open Innovation

10-11 April 2014, Barcelona , Spain


--> Day 1 - 10/04/2014 pm - Common afternoon and activities all WP2-3-4 partners
--> Day 2 - 11/04/2014 whole day - Parallel workshops for WP2, WP3 and WP4
--> Practical details:
--> You need to register to the meeting if you belong to WP2, WP3 or WP4 to attend the meeting (please log in and then go to the event page)





LLP - Lifelong Learning Programme


Day 1.              10.04.2014 AFTERNOON - Participants: all registered partners

Main location:         Barcelona HCC Mont Blanc Hotel , Via Laietana, 61, Barcelona, Spain
Meeting room:        1st floor, Trafalgar


  PAD for the minutes:
13.00-14.30 Board Management meeting WP and Task leaders

Welcoming speech + organizational matters

Justyna Dabrowska,
LUT, Finland

15.00-15.20 What has been done and where are we heading to?
WP 2 Identification of Industrial Needs for Open innovation Education in Europe.
WP 3 Exchanging methodologies and best practices on open innovation.
WP 4 Comparing and developing Curricula and Education on open innovation.

WP 2 Daria Podmetina, LUT, Finland.

WP 3 Anne-Laure Mention, Tudor, Luxemburg.

WP 4 Laura David, Brasov University of Transylvania, Romania.

15.20-15.30 Synergies between WPs - time to go deeper? Moderators: WP2- WP4 leaders

OI-Net Platform and Project Administration

Justyna Dabrowska, LUT, Finland

16.00-16.30 Presentation of dissemination plan 
+ discussion
Bruno Wöran
16.30-17.30 Industrial needs for open innovation education – let's work together Daria Podmetina, LUT, Finland
17.30-18.00 Closing speech
by the CEO of the Catalan Agency for Business Competitiveness
 Joan Tarradellas
Chief Executive Officer (Conseller Delegat) at the Catalan Agency for Business Competitiveness (Government of Catalonia), Spain
20:00...  Evening networking event  
  El Chiringuito Las Sardinitas by Moncho's
Avinguda del Litoral, 36
08005 Barcelona 

The walking map from hotel: the place is on the beach and takes 21 min by metro from hotel, or 37 min walking. The other enjoyable alternative is to take a walk on the seafront which takes approx. 50 min but is beautiful :-)



Day 2.              11.04.2014 - Participants: WP2, WP3 and WP4 partners
Main location:         Barcelona HCC Mont Blanc Hotel , Via Laietana, 61, Barcelona, Spain
Workshop rooms on  1st floor :  WP2: Laietana    /   WP3: Condal    /   WP4: Trafalgar

Time Workpackage 2 - agenda Workpackage 3 - agenda  Workpackage 4 - agenda 
PADs Minutes:  Minutes: 
 08:30-08:45  Introduction of the WP2 participants  Introduction of the WP3 participants  Introduction of the WP4 participants
  • Short presentation of the WP2 "Identification of Industrial Needs for Open innovation Education in Europe":
    • main objectives and main activities
    • Work plan review / what has been doneAnalysis on milestones and QA indicators
  • Short presentation of the OI-Net project: main aim and objectives
  • Presentation of WP 3
  • Overview of current progress
  • Short presentation of the OI-Net project: main aim and objectives

  • Presentation of WP 4
    • What has been achieved until now? Work plan review. Analysis on milestones and QA indicators
    • Report on collected questionnaires: number, participants, content.
    • Next steps: methodology for data processing
 09:15-10:30 Presentation and Discussion of WP 2 Current Activities
  • The questionnaire for conducting survey covering current state of OI adoption in the industry, current level of OI knowledge and skills of employees, and needed set of skills for fresh graduates as for employees in OI context.
  • Manual for partners for conducting survey (sampling strategy and strata for industry, size of firms, recommendations for data collection and reporting the results of the survey).
  • Some preliminary results from piloting the questionaire in Finland.
Task 1 - Data collection on OI methods and practices : status, exchanges and next steps
10:30-11:00 C  o  f  f  e  e        b  r  e  a  k      ( a t    t  h  e     P  i  a  n  o      b  a  r )

Discussing of the structure of the deliverable D.2.1 and M2 Survey on Industrial Needs for open innovation education in Europe:

  • Translating online template for data collection on Industrial Needs in a given country;
  • Piloting survey locally;
  • Collecting local data and reporting it to WP leaders;
  • When possible, collection of complementary qualitative case studies. 

Presentation of cases and discussion
(by Catharina Lindheim and Thomas Osterlie)

  • Presentation of cases (TBC)
  • open discussion on further steps for data collection and consolidation
Discussions on developing the best practice template, data collection, etc.
11:30-12:30 Discussions on the structure of the deliverable D.4.1:
  • Report of the survey results, comparing the curricula of OI in HE in Europe, grouping by certain selection criteria (D.4.1.2);
  • Report on best practices on OI curricula in EU (D.4.1.3);
  • Recommendations for development the curricula on OI in EU (D.4.1.4).
12:30-13:30 L  u  n  c  h        b  r  e  a  k
  • Discussions and clarifications on D2.2.
  • Report on Industrial Needs for open innovation education
  • and D2.3 Recommendations for open innovation Education Development.
Task 4: Discussion on format of material to be collected for educational purposes and design of online survey for collecting needs Discussions and clarifications on deliverable D.4.3:
Indicators and progress markers for OI in HE
14:30-15:00 IPR Monitoring and dedicated material Discussion on the content of any valuable training materials that illustrate OI curricula, discussions on:
15:00-15:30 Involvement in the first and second Special Issues on Open Innovation of the Journal of Innovation Management
15:30-16:00 C  o  f  f  e  e        b  r  e  a  k      ( a t    t  h  e     P  i  a  n  o      b  a  r )
16:00-16:45 Work plan for the next period:
What/Who/ When/ Where
Next steps – Open discussion Work plan for the next period:
What/Who/ When/ Where
16:45-17:00 Conclusions for WP2 session Conclusions for WP3 session Conclusions for WP4 session
 17:00-18:00 Joint   Wrap-up   session   with   all   WP   groups   partners
room: Trafalgar, 1st floor
 18:00  e n d     o f     t h e     w o r k i n g     s e s s i o n 
 20:00 Diner at the Bodega la Tinaja
Carrer de l'Esparteria, 9
08003 Barcelona

13 min walk from hotel: map with possible walking tours.


List of participants - OI-Net Barcelona, April 10-11, 2014

Programme - OI-Net Barcelona, April 10-11, 2014