Teaching Open Innovation. Pedagogical Guidelines for Open Innovation.

The European system for Higher Education aims to improve existing programmes and courses on open innovation. For this reason, a so-called ‘Common Curricula Framework’ (CCF) has been developed. The Common Curriculum Framework guides teachers as they develop and implement their teaching and learning programmes.

However, designing a curriculum, course or module on open innovation is one thing, teaching open innovation ‘in class’ is another. Just thinking over the ‘core elements’ of OI – which are innovation and openness – this teaching has to do with the creation of new things, like products, services, processes and businesses, in collaboration with others and ‘being open’. This might require a specific background, knowledge or skills, and could also require specific teaching approaches or materials. 

During OI-Net project the data on teaching competences, expertise and personal characteristics that support the teaching of open innovation, have been collected. Based on this data, pedagogical guidelines for designing and executing educational programmes on open innovation, were developed.

WP5 - Initial outlook

WP5 - Consolidation of Common Curricula Framework for Open Innovation Education & Training in Europe
Start date: Month 7                End date: Month 34

WP5 focuses on education and training in Europe by consolidating Common Curricula Framework (CCF), providing the up-to-date methodology of teaching and pedagogical approach, establishing the collaborative network of European partners and continuous system of feedback on the curricula on OI.


WP6 - Initial outlook

WP6 - Quality Assurance
Start date: Month 1                End date: Month 36

WP6 on quality control and assurance will ensure quality monitoring both on internal and external level to OI-Net network, and both at project and community levels. It will include Common European Curricula Framework and Terms of Reference design, defining the visions, strategies, actions and effects to partners..