Indicators and progress markers for Open Innovation in Higher Education curricula

This report addresses indicators and progress markers characterising Open Innovation (OI) in order to provide a methodology for the analysis of a program on OI in Higher Education curricula. The focus is on indicators that facilitate the open innovation process in organisations and which are expected to be useful for the design, development, analysis and implementation of a Higher Education curriculum focussed on open innovation.

Indicators are ‘signs’, ‘processes’ or ‘action’ that is visible and that may be measured. They enable the recognition of OI practices and they provide visible evidence of these practices that may be critically assessed. The aim is to provide insights and an increased understanding of the key indicators which Higher Education curricula need to take into consideration when designing and analysing programs and which are appropriate for the needs of organisations. The approach is needs-driven, taking into account all the stakeholders involved in the development process. 

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Manual for New Courses on Open Innovation Development, Considering the Multi- disciplinary Approach in Open Innovation and Higher Education

This document builds on the analysis of the content of the other disciplines deployed within Open Innovation (OI) framework and provides recommendation for implication multi-disciplinary approach in OI and in Higher Education. The deliverable includes:

  • Manual for new courses on OI development, considering the multi-disciplinary approach in OI and in HE. This manual relies on a comprehensive set of Learning Outcomes that may be used as reference in the construction of OI programs on bachelor, master and Ph.D. level.
  • Training material, illustrating open innovation curricula and multi-disciplinary approach. 

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Compendium on existing curricula in Europe on Innovation, Open innovation and Global Innovation Management

hdvcThe current study has been performed to identify, analyse and compare the existing curricula on Innovation, Open Innovation, and Global Innovation Management across Europe. The aim was to collect systematic data on whether and how universities make use of Open Innovation concept in their education programs. The results of the study are integrated into a compendium which will be the main input for the development of training materials and manuals on Open Innovation. 

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OCW - OpenCourseWare on Open Innovation

The OpenCourseWare Consortium  (OCW) is a worldwide community of hundreds of higher education institutions and associated organizations committed to advancing open education and its impact on global education. They seek to engender a culture of openness in education to allow everyone, everywhere to access the education they desire, while providing a shared body of knowledge and best practices that can be drawn upon for innovative and effective approaches.

When searching on "Open Innovation" several courses or element of courses can be found. As an example, the list here below is as of March 2014.

Survey - Open Innovation curricula

Although the concept of Open Innovation is relatively new, it has been already integrated by most of the institutions partners of this Erasmus Project in education programs on innovation/ innovation management.

By this questionnaire we aim to collect systematic data on whether and how universities make use of Open Innovation concept in their education programs. We would like to gather information on existing curricula about Innovation/ Innovation Management, with the aim of understanding the diffusion of Open Innovation among key topics.
All the information you provide will be treated confidentially. If you wish so, you can also receive the final results of the survey and be kept informed.