WP8 - Sustainability and Exploitation of results
Start date: Month 13              End date: Month 39


Partners directly involved (all partners contributing)

WP Leader:  University of Exeter - contact Anna Bessant (Trifilova)


The co-operation and networking among European HEIs is the missing link in open innovation education and research and this project aims to develop and support it as much as possible. To achieve successful exploitation of the outcomes the emphasis is put on producing the relevant and meaningful results through the whole project duration, improving the results based on the feedbacks from direct and indirect target groups gathered at conferences, seminars, and CCF test rounds. The cooperation and exchange of ideas between the partner organizations will be supported. The project will also promote the mobility of teaching and research staff from European HEIs. Exploitation activities will include, among others, transferring the successful results (as CCF, ToR, study modules) inside the project network and outside of it. The OI Platform as a community with peer-recognition will serve a function of think tank to reach out to policy makers with evidence and support.

The after-project life of results will be supported by OI-Net website with easy-access database for all the material published within the project activities. The project results will be exploited in education and research in partner universities. There will be also material available for participating non-HE partners as well as other entities, companies and organizations interested about Open Innovation. Project results can be applied in full or in modules, at HEI and/or further transferred to VET.


The exploitation plan is targeted at long-term and clear perspectives for the project outcomes’ sustainability and wider implementation, higher visibility and easy accessibility (achieved e.g. though maintaining up-to-date project website and continuing publishing established within project academic journal).

Project offers an exploitation approach that includes initiating a self-sustaining European network of OI organizations (both HEI and non-HE organizations and specialists) created throughout its lifetime. High priority is given to focus the exploitation efforts on well-defined target audiences expected to be motivated to give the feedback and implement the results.

Key Tasks 

  • T8.1 Sustainability & Exploitation plan & monitoring
  • T8.2 OI Platform Management & Business model
  • T8.3 OI-HE evidence building and think-tank support
  • T8.4 Forefront OI in HE and K.T. publications and seminars
  • T8.5 OI-CoP and Peer ecosystem