WP7 - Dissemination
Start date: Month 1                End date: Month 36



Partners directly involved (all partners contributing)

WP Leader:  P49 - ISPIM - International Society for Professional Innovation Management - contact Bruno Wöran

Dissemination plays a vital role in the project. It will take place from the first days of the project until its end and beyond. It will focus on both promoting project and raising the awareness of it and disseminating the results to the target groups using customised per group dissemination channels to maximise the reach. The early dissemination will include development of marketing materials (as website, including intranet for internal project communication; brochures, leaflets, newsletter etc). It will then rapidly evolve into communication about curriculums and modules, best practices, and other research findings and developments (workshops, seminars, etc.) and their utilization in education. We target to create community of OI Educators with peer-recognition, which will be functioning after project finishes. The official project dissemination activities will include project conferences corresponding to once a year full project network meeting, where all partners will be present. These meetings will be extended once a year to a wide audience, which would ensure the early feedback on the project implementation as well as strong foundation for post-project OI Platform establishment and maintenance. Such events can be aligned to the annual innovation professional meetings, such as e.g. ISPIM 2015. The wide reach will be ensured through publication of project results in professional education and innovation journals, producing content reports each project year and maintaining highly informative up-to-date project webpage as well as mentioning the project at the personal webpages of project partners. To reach all target groups, the OI curriculum promotion will take place also at education fairs (to raise awareness and demand among potential students), e.g. EDUCA could be a suitable event.


The dissemination of the project results will ensure that the results achieved within the project will be widely exploited and made available for all project partners and wide audience outside the project. At the final stage the project network aims to define some policy recommendations through publications for the future development of innovation education in Europe. The profound dissemination activities are targeted to build grounds for after-project life or the OI Platform and network.

Key Tasks

  • T7.1 Dissemination strategy and monitoring
  • T7.2 House-style and templates management for project recognition, dissemination, communication purposes and pedagogical support (incl. Support to contributors, hands-on training on tools, assistance to layout and finalisation of documents/medias)
  • T7.3 Seminars, conferences and events coordination (including workshop and training for OIP contributors and for Teachers/HEI staff)
  • T7.4 Publication coordination (books, content report, white/green papers, articles/publications)
  • T7.5 OI-Net/ OI Academic journal management
  • T7.6 Support to evidence building and valorization