OI-Net during the 3d World Open Innovation conference

      December 15 – 16, 2016

Barcelona, Spain




WP 20161215 09 44 03 Pro3rd Annual World Open Innovation Conference were organized by The Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, with the support of ESADE Business School. It took place in Barcelona, Spain 15 – 16 December, 2016. The main topic of the conference was the “Open innovation in the digital Age”

The event was attended by academic scholars, leading companies and innovators in the sphere of Open Innovation. Keynote Speaker of the conference was Ferran Adrià, Founder of elBulliFoundation & Former Chef and owner of El Bulli.


OI-Net visibility:

  • Session2C: OI AdoptionWP 20161216 19 39 56 Pro

Inbound or outbound open innovation? Or both? Adoption patterns and concept perception (Roman Teplov, Daria Podmetina, Ekaterina Albats & Justyna Dabrowska)

  • Session4C: OI & Human Resources

The role of human capital in open innovation: evidence from the European companies (Ekaterina Albats, Justyna Dabrowsak, Daria Podmetina & Roman Teplov)

  • Session 6C: Internal OI

Organizational capabilities – the truth about open innovation adopters and non-adopters (Justyna Dabrowska, Roman Teplov, Ekaterina Albats, Daria Podmetina & Henry Lopez-Vega)

WP 20161214 22 41 43 Pro

WP 20161215 16 32 26 Pro