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When searching on "Open Innovation" several courses or element of courses can be found. As an example, the list here below is as of March 2014.

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Course TitleLanguageSourceDetails
Open innovation – Opening towards open innovation English Details
Open Innovation in Services English Details
Open Innovation and Living Labs English Details
Web Technologies for Open Innovation English Details
Large Enterprise Open Innovation Strategy - NOKIA Open Innvation English Details
Driving Innovation with Open Data and Interoperability English Details
Open Bank Project English Details
Semantic Technologies for Enterprise: Semantic Open Innovation (A Success Story) English Details
Contribution of generation Y to open innovation ecosystems English Details
Adaptability through open innovation, a complexity view on selectivity English Details
Open innovation platform to boost innovation – Innovation as a strategy to strengthen and grow a small community English Details
Opening and setting the scene English Details
Linked Data-based Concept Recommendation: Comparison of Different Methods in Open Innovation Scenario English Details
The role of expert associations in creation of open innovation ecosystems English Details
META-SHARE: An Open Resource Exchange Infrastructure for Stimulating Research and Innovation English Details
Living Labs Fostering Open Innovation and Rural Development: Methodology and Results English Details
The networked SME – What is the role of openness in superior innovation management? English Details
The role of professional association in creation of open innovation ecosystems English Details
The National Scout Organization and their contribution to the open innovation ecosystem English Details
Methodologies for Engaging Users into Research & Innovation: The Living Lab way as an Open Innovation Ecosystem English Details
Council for an Innovative Society English Details
Open Data, Open Database: PostgreSQL English Details
Irish Open Data Reuse Exemplars English Details
Supporting innovative SME in innovation processes: The role of regional intermediaries English Details
Best Practices, Innovation and Development: Experiences from Five Living Lab Innovation Environments English Details
15.352 Managing Innovation: Emerging Trends (MIT) English Massachusetts Institute of Technology Details
RES.15-001 MIT Sloan Teaching Innovation Resources (MSTIR) (MIT) English Massachusetts Institute of Technology Details
Unleashing Open Innovation potential in Living Labs by Enterprise Interoperability and Collaboration Services: the COIN project English Details
Welcome to the COIN4LL Workshop - "Unleashing Open Innovation with Enterprise Collaboration & Interoperability Services, the Living Lab Way" English Details
Cross – Organizational Enterprise 2.0 Projects as a door opener for Open Ecosystems English Details



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