Although the concept of Open Innovation is relatively new, it has been already integrated by most of the institutions partners of this Erasmus Project in education programs on innovation/ innovation management.

By this questionnaire we aim to collect systematic data on whether and how universities make use of Open Innovation concept in their education programs. We would like to gather information on existing curricula about Innovation/ Innovation Management, with the aim of understanding the diffusion of Open Innovation among key topics.
All the information you provide will be treated confidentially. If you wish so, you can also receive the final results of the survey and be kept informed.


How is structured the survey?

A series of questions in 2 steps for each course/curricula you will report:

  • a first short one: to quickly collect curricula on Innovation which may or may not explicitly include Open Innovation.
  • a second more detailed set of questions specifically on Open Innovation will be displayed for each curricula IF you indicate that there is an explicit component on Open Innovation within that curricula.

"Explicit component" can take several aspects, but mainly: is Open Innovation a topic clearly listed in the course syllabus / didactic programme?


How to fill in the questionnaire?

  1. The survey is available on-line only under the main "Survey" menu and named "OI Curricula compendium".
  2. You may fill it "anonymously", i.e. without any user account. But we advise you to create an account to the OI-Net community as it will help to fill in the survey in different steps at your own rythm (to start and stop whenever you want depending on availability and own schedule).
  3. Get your data prepared: here below is a pdf version of the questionnaire so that you have an idea of questions and may look for some of the data upstream.
  4. If you have a user account, then you will be able:
    • To save your data during the process (and start and stop when you want).
    • To continue your input later /another day by simply logging with your user account and clicking back on the link of the survey.
    • To add more courses / curricula in the coming months/years to further promote your Open Innovation courses which have emerged.
    • To update your already existing curricula (you may for instance include Open Innovation aspects or more advance components into existing courses your reported).
    • If you will contribute to other surveys, you will not be obliged to type in your identification data or the details on your organisation.
    • To access the repository and supplementary information of the OI-Net community of practice, and to receive results of the surveys before they are publicly disseminated.

How to create a user account on the OI-Net community?

Simply follow the registration process as described in the forum.

For any further details on the content of the survey and its process, please contact Simona LACHE, the WP4 Leader.

Download this file (oi-net-wp4-template-questionnaire-oi-curricula-v03a.pdf)oi-net-wp4-template-questionnaire-oi-curricula-v03a.pdf[Template - WP4 Survey - Open Innovation curricula data collection (pdf)]957 kB