This report synthesizes the results of 13 case studies on innovative ICT and ICT-enabled companies across Europe. It aims to assess the impact of Open Innovation strategies (OISs) on their innovation processes and to highlight the role played by ICT. It was prepared in the context of the three-year research project on European Innovation Policies for the Digital Shift (EURIPIDIS) jointly launched in 2013 by JRC-IPTS and DG CONNECT of the European Commission.

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Source: Alberto Di Minin, Chiara Eleonora De Marco, Cristina Marullo, Andrea Piccaluga, Elena Casprini, Maral Mahdad, Andrea Paraboschi (2016) ’Case Studies on Open Innovation in ICT’; Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, Joint Research Centre. JRC Science for Policy Report; EUR 27911 EN; doi:10.2791/433370