WP3 - Exchanging methodologies and best practices on open innovation
Start date: Month 1                End date: Month 20

The WP3 focuses on knowledge exchange on methodologies and best practices in open innovation based on the input from WP2, thus embracing inter-firm cooperation together with university-industry linkages.


Partners directly involved (all partners contributing)

WP Leader:  P29 - The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology - contact Anne-Laure Mention
WP Support: P34 - Norwegian School of Economics
P07 - New Bulgaria University
P12 - Aarhus University
P13 - University of Tartu
P14 - Tallinn University of Technology
P17 - University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
P18 - iNNOWiSE
P22 - University of West Hungary
P45 - EADA
P35 - NTNU Social Research AS
P44 - Instutute de Empresa, IE UNIVERSIDAD
P45 - EADA
P52 - University of Southern Denmark
PT1 - University of East Sarajevo

The WP3 focuses on knowledge exchange on methodologies and best practices in open innovation, thus embracing inter-firm cooperation together with university-industry linkages. The core members of WP3 integrate the contribution of the other participants, liaise with non-participating organizations across Europe, connect results with background knowledge, expertise and experience on open innovation in HE in order to ensure quality of broader European OI platform, as well as the integration of OI in HE and HEI's.
In terms of existing online communities, it is important to note that developed OI-Net Platform will be first of a kind platform that gathers European HEIs, private and public bodies interested in developing open innovation curricula and sharing best practices. Therefore, it should not be associated with other existing open innovation platforms who are not dealing with the open innovation curricula and higher education issues.

WP3 aims at building the implementation of knowledge gathering of methodologies and best practices in open innovation and it will base on the input from WP2. In order to achieve this, it will first identify the key stakeholders and develop a community for knowledge exchange on open innovation. The efficiency of knowledge transfer is dependent on having an established, well-functioning and active community, with a high level of commitment and trust between its members. Relying on this community, WP3 will collect and process data on the best practices and methodologies for open innovation. Ultimately, the goal of WP3 is to ensure the sustainability of this community, together with the appropriate representativeness of the different stakeholders active in open innovation, i.e. academia and research organizations, private sector firms, professional associations and policy making bodies.

Key Tasks

  • T3.1. Collecting best practices cases from the partners (including templates/frameworks)
  • T3.2. Intellectual Property issues in OI for HE and for the OI Platform
  • T3.3. Context for Community building, European workshop, social media for permanent online exchange (to be deployed in WP7-Dissemination and WP8-Sustainability/Exploitation)
  • T3.4. Open Innovation Platform foundations and related tools for contribution by OI-Net members (to be used for the piloting of Common European Curricula Framework in WP5).
  • T3.5. Context and requirements for publishing a journal to collect and publish practices and support community building (to be implemented via WP4 and WP7).

All these tasks will be conducted bearing in mind a policy-oriented perspective to be further developed in WP5, aimed at delivering recommendations to policy-makers on how to support teaching of open innovation and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of teacher-industry-student interaction.



As supplementary outcome, WP3 will also provide:
- Yearly European workshops on open innovation
- Scientific journal specializing on open innovation
- Report on best practices in open innovation
- Training material, illustrating open innovation cases together with the failure cases
- Recommendations focusing on IPR and governance mechanisms of Open innovation
- Specifications for the online collaborative space, based on analysis of users' needs
- Template for permanent data collection on open innovation cases.