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Another interest group, which is public, exists on WP3 via the OI-Net community.

The Challenges of implementing OI

ChallengesGreat summary of The Challenges of implementing OI. A Systematic Literature Review. Presented during WOIC 2016 by Chiara Eleonora De Marco, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa

The main issues considered during the presentation are:

    What challenges of implementing OI already emerge from the literature?
    What could be done to shed light on the drawbacks of practicing OI?

The Focus of the analyses was made on Large Enterprises (LEs), Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Individual; organizational, inter-organizational, Modes of OI implementation, Business Model Innovation, Appropriation Strategies.

Preliminary findings identify internal and external challenges. Internal challenges contain: organizational changes, cultural changes, business model innovation. External challenges contain: internal assets protection, over-searching, external partnerships mgmt, business model innovation.

Download the presentation

OI-Net Cases Collection

Case Study approach considered to be effective tool to facilitate learning. Case studies portray real life situations, therefore using a case study simplifies complex concepts, improves analytical thinking, communication; developing tolerance for different views on the same subject.

Our project team collected the cases for teaching open innovations on different levels.

Here you can find collection of cases accumulated by project partners.

This link provides other cases that have been found during the project lifetime.

Case studies on Open Innovation in ICT

This report synthesizes the results of 13 case studies on innovative ICT and ICT-enabled companies across Europe. It aims to assess the impact of Open Innovation strategies (OISs) on their innovation processes and to highlight the role played by ICT. It was prepared in the context of the three-year research project on European Innovation Policies for the Digital Shift (EURIPIDIS) jointly launched in 2013 by JRC-IPTS and DG CONNECT of the European Commission.

Download the report

Source: Alberto Di Minin, Chiara Eleonora De Marco, Cristina Marullo, Andrea Piccaluga, Elena Casprini, Maral Mahdad, Andrea Paraboschi (2016) ’Case Studies on Open Innovation in ICT’; Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, Joint Research Centre. JRC Science for Policy Report; EUR 27911 EN; doi:10.2791/433370

Collection of Games and Exercises

In this section we provide examples of games and exercises that cover topics such as open innovation, innovation culture, communication, the corporate innovation team, and networking. Also, they are grouped with emphasis on skills which the games/exercises are expected to develop.

The exercises can be used by consultant or teacher, in the interactions with clients or students.

They can be used in training sessions or to get some inspiration for solving your innovation challenges.