New trends in Open Science

Open ScienceOpen Science is a broad term, covering the many exciting developments in how science is becoming more open, accessible, efficient, democratic, and transparent. This Open Science revolution is being driven by new, digital tools for scientific collaboration, experiments and analysis and which make scientific knowledge more easily accessible by professionals and the general public, anywhere, at any time.
[Source: Digital Agenda for Europe]

Workshop meeting, November 11-13, 2014, Warsaw, Poland

Workshop meeting in Warsaw

November 11-13, 2014, Warsaw, Poland

The aim of the meeting was to work on the content of individual work packages, as well as exchange ideas and methodologies on open innovation and teaching open innovation. It included presentation of survey results on industrial needs; followed by workshop and sharing example of “the best practices of teaching innovation and entrepreneurship to college students: Skills For the Future (SFF) project assessment in Italy”. In addition, four round table discussions were organized.

Link to the programm can be found here

Documents and presentations related to the meeting can be found here