OISPG - the Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group

The Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG) works in close collaboration with the European Commission. They are the driver of the Open Innovation 2.0 paradigm: to catalyse modern innovation adoption and creation of open innovation ecosystems where the serendipity process is fledged.

Open Innovation 2.0 Yearbook 2013

Open Innovation 2.0 - Yearbook 2013

In the European context, open innovation is now used as a synonym for modern, highly dynamic and inter­active processes. Linear and sequential mindsets are slowly changing to be more opportunistic, more dar­ing and more action-oriented. We need to move from having 'perfect plans for yesterday' to an innovation culture which fosters experimentation and prototyp­ing in real-world settings.

This new innovation cul­ture leads to simultaneous technological and societal innovation and encouragement. We need to be daring and also experiment with disruptive approaches as gradual improvement does not properly reflect the potential that the omnipresent, fast-developing ICT provides for parallel innovations.

EU Digital Agenda: Open Innovation 2.0

The EU and the European Commission put a lot on emphasis to reboot Europe's economy and help Europe's citizens and businesses. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation is one key dimension of the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE) which is the first of seven flagships initiatives under Europe 2020, the EU's strategy to deliver smart sustainable and inclusive growth.
Open Innovation 2.0 is also supported by the European Commission...