Workshop meeting , April 10 - 11 , 2014, Barcelona , Spain

Workshop meeting in Spain

April 10-11, 2014, Barcelona, Spain

Project partners met to work in parallel on the content of four work packages (detailed described in previous section). The meeting was combined with panel discussions, round table discussions as well as a speech of invited guest Joan Tarradellas, Chief Executive Officer (Conseller Delegat) at the Catalan Agency for Business Competitiveness (Government of Catalonia), Spain.


Link to the programm can be found here

Documents and presentations related to the meeting can be found here

AAA - Amsterdam Academic Alliance - Open Innovation in our Universities

With Open Innovation becoming an important cornerstone for our European welfare, its principles must surely be an essential element in the way we teach the next generation to take control.
A few skills are pivotal to make Open Innovation work. One of them is being able to see the potential in other disciplines, besides one's own specialisation.
(Article initially published on 02/04/2014)