Follow-up of a presentation made at ISPIM Dublin in June 2014 on WikiNomics
The WikiNomics project developed vocational education and training approaches to support collaborative and open approaches between companies and economic stakeholders. WikiNomics brings a strong leverage to Open Innovation approaches and open and mastered collaborative approaches between companies and with their own stakeholders.

ISPIM presentation WikiNomicsMAC-Team, the Multi-Actors Cooperation European network made the presentation of the results of the WikiNomics project at the ISPIM Dublin conference.

  • Change of behavior/attitude of stakeholders Innovative ecosystem, breaking up boundaries
  • Successful steps for co-opetitive evidence for the enterprise beyond education and training contexts.
  • WikiNomics attitude: lever to Open Innovation 2.0. How to introduce change using wiki-culture approach
  • WikiNomics… or how to reinforce Open Innvoation in enteprises via natural vocational education & training actions.

More details on the various activities on WikiNomics ,Implementation of tools and methodologies in connection with enterprises & practitioners using:

  • including several TEDx dedicated events, e.g.
  • wiki-thon, deploying learning by-doing validation of learning experience
  • seek-solutions basecamps (Porto, Lausanne, Warsaw...)

Download this file (ISPIM_presentation_Wikinomics_v0.4.pdf)ISPIM_presentation_Wikinomics_v0.4.pdf[Short presentation on WikiNomics project at ISPIM by MAC-Team]1548 kB
Download this file (Paper-MAC-Team-ISPIM-WIkinomics-2014-v04.pdf)Paper-MAC-Team-ISPIM-WIkinomics-2014-v04.pdf[Paper by WikiNomics project accepted at ISPIM Dublin 2014]293 kB