The Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG) works in close collaboration with the European Commission. They are the driver of the Open Innovation 2.0 paradigm: to catalyse modern innovation adoption and creation of open innovation ecosystems where the serendipity process is fledged.

 The OISPG Objectives (as of early 2013):
  • The recognition of a new innovation paradigm, i.e., Open User-Centric Innovation, as well as to get it into European policies.
  • The recognition of "Services Science" as an autonomous and very challenging research area.
  • To get EAR (Experimentation and Application Research) methodology widely used in the European research;
    • Through user-centric application development.
    • Creating environments for service innovation, and networking them across Europe.
  • To put the right elements together to foster the establishment and the development of a European based Service Industry, in particular:
    • Open functional platforms
    • Reference architecture for service
    • Linking international actors around projects for service innovation
    • Supporting Lead Market Initiatives in service sectors
It is an online idea-sharing space for any type of whim, creative impulse, idea or project.
The platform presents open sharing online network where people, businesses, institutions, and researchers get together in order to put the worthy ideas forward.
The OI24U platform gathers together people who are active and respond to the Horizon 2020 calls and are willing to use OI2 methodology in their approach. This is a forum related to Horizon 2020 actions where open innovation has space to be brought forward in projects.

More information on OISPG:

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