This is a facsimile of the press release published by LUT:

The European Network for Open Innovation meets at LUT January 15-17 2014

The European Academic Network for Open Innovation (OI-Net) will convene for the first time at Lappeenranta University of Technology, LUT January 15-17 2014. At that time representatives of 52 different cooperative organisations from 35 countries will arrive at LUT. A total of 100 participants are expected to arrive.
   "This is the first time that LUT has been the engine of such an extensive and ambitious project with joint funding from the European Union", says Professor Marko Torkkeli of the School Industrial Engineering and Management.
The pan-European group of visitors comprises representatives of European universities, associations, corporations, and research and innovation centres.
  "They are all interested in open innovation and its utilisation in European education, innovation, and business. The ultimate aim of the project is to strengthen the competitiveness of Europe and Finland", Torkkeli points out. 

What is OI-Net?

The European Academic Network for Open Innovation, OI-Net, is an EU-financed project promoting cooperation among European universities and institutions, and builds teaching and study programmes based on ideas of open innovation.
The purpose of the project is to ease cooperation among European universities, enterprises, and public administration in bringing out products, practices, and concepts of open innovation.In addition, the project surveys the needs, challenges, and impediments of the public and private sector in the utilisation of ideas of open innovation.
The OI-Net project has 52 partners in 35 European countries.LUT is the coordinator of the project. The project began in October 2013 and ends in September 2016.


Further information:

Professor Marko Torkkeli,  +358 40 761 1223
Project Coordinator, Researcher Justyna Dabrowska +358 50 435 754

Source: press release published by LUT