The thematic issue on Open Innovation in the Journal of Innovation Management is released! Check out and read contributions from Henry Chesbrough, Letizia Mortara, Joonmo Ahn, Antonio Bob Santos and many others !
We particularly welcome contributions from the OI-NET network for the next thematic issue on Open Innovation, foreseen for release in 2016.
A dedicated call for papers will soon be published.
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Marko, JJ and Anne-Laure


Join us in Vienna for the 2nd International Workshop on Multidisciplinary approaches on Innovation,
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Dear WP3 Partners,
Please be reminded to send me the details of your contribution at your earliest convenience !

Anne-Laure Mention created a new topic ' Special Issue of JIM' in the forum. 8 years ago

Partners are reminded about
1) the opportunity to submit to the Special Issue of JIM dedicated to OI and Performance at firm level. Deadline for submission is end of April but extension can be granted provided that the author drops an email to the guest editor (see the cfp) and AL Mention at their earliest convenience and before the end of April
2) the opportunity to become a reviewer for JIM : the Journal remains a separate venture but is open to receive applications from the partners. Please send your CV and motivation letter to join us as associate editor. Email us (Anne-Laure, Joao José, Marko) and visit for more information
3) the opportunity to be a guest editor for the special issue focusing on OI in 2015. A suggested theme as well as a formal application to be a guest editor of this special issue should be sent to the Founding Editors (Marko, Joao José, Anne-Laure) at the very latest by early June. We aim to appoint the guest editor(s) and select the theme before the Summer.