Dear partners,
I am happy to see some of you are already reflecting and working forward after our meeting. As maybe some of you seen, JJ is also in contact with the issues via email, so I'm thinking to give here some comments.
I think for D.4.2. it is important to have the outcomes in mind when starting the proposal of the content. Some sample of content are enough, and the idea to differentiate them upon the level (bachelor, master, PhD) might be useful.
I found very valuable the first draft of D.4.2., but I think we need to concentrate more on the courses and training materials and no to overlap with curriculum development that is part of WP5.
Miroslav presented us some very useful materials. Also, you will find in the attachments the proposal from Michael. The idea to use a kind of layered format for the manuals and training materials and also colored blocks that symbolized different content I consider to be useful.
Our focus is on the manual, but not from cover to cover, more like a puzzled, mixed materials that is adjustable on different levels of complexity.
The multidisciplinary approach is also central.
So, an introduction on the purpose of the manual, with learning outcomes as red leading tracks and with sample of content is something that I have in mind as a result of D.4.2.
Thanks everyone and let's exchange more opinions!