Analyze a wide pool of OI cases undertaken by SMEs across the EU
270 SME OI cases and 120 good practices identified;

Design and develop an Integrated OI Toolbox, including:

  • Sets of OI indicators to help an SME in the decision making and action planning involved in OI projects;
  • Management support modules to cover all phases of an OI project and support both internal innovation activities and external collaboration activities with partner(s);
  • Good practice case studies of OI in SMEs illustrating the points raised by the modules via actual real-life stories.

Test and validate the OI Toolbox

  • The Integrated OI Toolbox is to be embedded in a web plat-form and validated through focus groups and pilot testing in real-life OI projects carried out by SMEs across the EU.
  • Training materials for the OI management modules and the use of the INSPIRE platform are also to be developed.

Mobilize the participation and engagement of innovation stakeholders with a view to encouraging the widespread adoption of OI
A set of targeted workshops and outreach activities are to be implemented, including a feasibility study and a deployment roadmap that secures the exploitation of INSPIRE’s outcomes in the long term.

pdf Brochure Inspire v02 (1.03 MB)