The target groups:

  • SMEs
  • Innovation support intermediaries
  • Research communities
  • Policy makers
  • Society at large


What are the benefits for INSPIRE’s target groups?

  • SMEs better understand the importance of Open Innovation and how to derive the most benefits from it;
  • INNOVATION SUPPORT INTERMEDIARIES are provided with the necessary skills and tools to help SMEs successfully run Open Innovation projects;
  • The RESEARCH COMMUNITY gains additional understanding of the critical issues affecting Open Innovation processes in SMEs thanks to an extensive study of over 270 SME OI cases;
  • POLICY MAKERS get a better insight of the Open Innovation phenomenon and the related needs of SMEs in order to take informed decisions and shape targeted policy responses;
  • SOCIETY in general benefits from new solutions and innovations which are the result of the en-hanced adoption of Open Innovation practices by SMEs.

pdf Brochure Inspire v02 (1.03 MB)